January 17, 2009

Welcome to Live It, Learn It, Love It

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Public Relations Book Group

Learn It. Live It. Love It.

My name is Rachel Esterline. I am the founder of Live It, Learn It, Love It. My recent post generated a lot of feedback and I am now launching this public relations book group. Read on to find out more.

Learn it.

To “learn it,” public relations students and professionals who join will increase their knowledge by reading books on public relations, professional development, social media, business, career, writing, advertising, marketing and more.

Live it.

Through blog, forum and chat the book group members will discuss how the book and the knowledge they’ve learned can influence their careers and lives. The “live it” aspect is learning to apply it to real word situations.

Love it.

I feel like every PR professional and student I know is passionate about their careers. They “love it.” In addition to enhancing their careers through knowledge, members will be able to network with each other and discuss share their passion for public relations.

How does it work?

One member will post to the blog about the book. Other members will comment to continue the discussion. The forum and chat will be additional tools to the conversation. Read the less exciting details here.

How do I join?

E-mail PRBookGroup@gmail.com to become an official member of Learn It, Live it, Love it.

Send the following information:

  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • Blog name and link (if applicable)
  • Twitter (if applicable)
  • Book suggestions
  • Note if you are a student or a professional
  • Optional: A short (six sentence maximum) bio about yourself

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