Group Guidelines

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Public Relations Book Group Guidelines

I. Membership

1. Membership is open to public relations students and professionals.

2. Communication, journalism and business students and professionals may join, but the focus will remain on public relations.

II. Requirements

1. Group leaders and selected members write main posts.

2. All members should contribute to the online discussion following the main post.

III. Selections

1. Books will be selected based on the following:

i. Books must focus on professional development is some aspect.

ii. Aside from public relations, books could focus on writing, career development, advertising, marketing or business

iii. Affordability is key. Books should be available as used on Amazon.

iv. E-books are another option.

2. Members may suggest books

3. Members will select and read two books per semester.

IV. Organization

1. Moderators

i. One to two members should be selected to moderate the content of reviews and discussion and to approve comments.

ii. Moderators will choose group leaders.

2. Group leaders

i. One to four members will be selected by moderators to lead the discussion and ask insightful questions.

ii. Group leaders will write the main posts except when other members are accepted to write posts.

iii. Moderators will receive assistance from group leaders in choosing other members to write main posts.

3. Members

i. All members should read the book and be active in discussions.

ii. Members who want to write main posts must apply by submitting a writing sample (preferably from a blog) to

iii. Members may apply to be a group leader by e-mailing

V. Meetings

1. Blog

i. Most meetings will take place in blog form.

ii. One person will write a post about the book.

iii. Questions and discussions follow in the comments section.

2. Forum

i. The forum will supplement the book group for discussing specific chapters and topics.

3. In-person

1. Members may set up in-person meetings to network and discuss the book group and professional development.

2. Rotating location will be determined by the host representative.

3. In-person meetings will be more informal, allowing for a more social aspect of the book group.

4. Attending members should wear nametags.

VI. Promotions

1. Book group members may promote the group through their PRSSA chapter and other student organizations.

2. Blogs and Twitter also will help promote the group.


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  1. […] One member will post to the blog about the book. Other members will comment to continue the discussion. The forum and chat will be additional tools to the conversation. Read the less exciting details here. […]

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